Cults – Gilded Lily Lyrics

Gilded Lily Lyrics – Cults Now it’s been long enough to talk about it I’ve started not to doubt it, just wrap my head around it I remember when you

Cults – Valentine Lyrics

Valentine Lyrics – Cults Go, go on and show me those things that I used to know ‘Cause I tried so hard to let go of things so long ago

Cults – Monolithic Lyrics

Monolithic By Cults Call it a mix-up Call it unsympathetic Through all of the hiccups Well all of it felt poetic I’d lost my rhythm Couldn’t remember my name Call

Cults – No Risk Lyrics

No Risk By Cults No risk No believing Or leading I can’t ex I can’t ex I can’t exhale to breathe in In a crowded room filled with emptiness I’m

Cults – Trials Lyrics

Trials By Cults I met a stranger in your skin with the same eyes I know you With words, he had a way just like you too Where’d you go?

Cults – You Know What I Mean Lyrics

You Know What I Mean by Cults I, I can’t take things slowly Come let away, that’s what they all do Help me ’cause I’m feeling shaky Tell me what’s