cupcakKe – H2hoe Lyrics

H2hoe Lyrics – cupcakKe Givenchy (Armani) Balenci (And Dolce) And Fendi (And Chloe) Versace Fuck me up Fuck me up, baby Fuck me up Guess what got more drip than

CupcakKe – Marge Simpson Lyrics

Marge Simpson Lyrics CupcakKe Ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah Oh, oh-oh, baby Oh, no-no, no, no-no Ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh, baby Oh, no-no, no, no-no Big pimpin’ (Big

CupcakKe – Huhhhhh Lyrics

Huhhhhh Lyrics – CupcakKe Lame ass hoes ain’t got no clout, man, a bitch fell off like humpty-dumpy (Hahaha) I can punch a bitch one time in the face and

CupcakKe – Moonwalk Lyrics

Moonwalk Lyrics – CupcakKe (ESKRY) I want it all Make the pussy go, deep Make the dick go slidin’, divin’ Backwards down my throat Niggas call me Billie, Billie, Billie

CupcakKe – Mosh Pit Lyrics

Mosh Pit Lyrics – CupcakKe Mosh pit, I’m ’bout to put a hole in ’em (Gang) Mosh pit, ’bout to put a hole in ’em (Gang) Mosh pit, ’bout to

CupcakKe – Mickey Lyrics

Mickey Lyrics – CupcakKe Who the fuck do you think you is? Cheatin’ ass nigga woulda gave and give Takin’ two L’s straight, I could never see it That’s an

CupcakKe – How to Rob (Remix) Lyrics

How to Rob (Remix) Lyrics – ​CupcakKe Gang, gang, gang, if you hear your name, it’s all muhfuckin’ love, don’t take shit personal But you know how I’m finna slap

​cupcakKe – Gum Lyrics

Gum Lyrics – ​cupcakKe I grew waves on the twat since the pussy so wet Call him Blueface, he be givin’ long neck Don’t act like a groupie in the

​cupcakKe – Elephant Lyrics

Elephant Lyrics By ​cupcakKe It feel hot as Hell in this studio, man I feel like snatchin’ off this wig, goin’ crazy It’s finna get ugly for you hoes They

​cupcakKe – Discounts Lyrics

Fantom Yeah, must not want me to act an ass Niggas want smoke, I pass the gas Milkin’ this shit like half and half Two nights of the Drac’, that’s

CupcakKe – Lemon Pepper Lyrics

Lemon Pepper By CupcakKe I want my pussy hole stretched like the hoops on Nunu Open up the box like a nigga got new shoes She want that foreplay so

CupcakKe – Lawd Jesus Lyrics

Lawd Jesus By CupcakKe Ayy When I walk in a room, all the niggas lookin’ at me Like “What is my income?” Not droppin’ no brooms, that nigga get stood

cupcakKe – Grilling Niggas Lyrics

Grilling Niggas by cupcakKe: You bitches ugly and dusty and none of y’all matter Money all on me I’m feeling real flatter Walk in this bitch, straight drippin’ like I was tryna get to

cupcakKe – Whoregasm Lyrics

Whoregasm By cupcakKe It’s raining baby Forget  that, forget but Forget  everything that seems real, just trust Pregnancy test down my throat That’s where I carry your child (ugh) You 

CupcakKe – Ayesha Lyrics

​Chicago rapper “CupcakKe” have shared her new single ‘Ayesha’ : take a listen and read the ‘Ayesha’ lyrics below. Ayesha by CupcakKe Yeah your eyelashes mink, but your vagina stink

CupcakKe – Old Town Hoe Lyrics

Old Town Hoe Lyrics by CupcakKe (Old Town Road Remix) [CupcakKe] I’m gonna take your dick, put it in my hole I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more I’m

Cupcakke – Blackjack Lyrics

Blackjack by Cupcakke Released : 2018 Scooby dooby doo (bark) He a dog in the bed Mayo on bread How I spread my legs (open me up) Bring flowers instead

Cupcakke – Crayons Lyrics

Crayons by cupcakKe Released : 2017 Full Lyrics will be available soon. check Back later or you can send us the lyrics using form below. [contact-form-7 id=”151140″ title=”Submit Lyrics”]

Cupcakke – Cartoons Lyrics

Cartoons by Cupcakke Released : 2017 Pullin’ up on my hit me (skrrt) Stay armed like a wristband I don’t kick it with no hoe If you wanna kick it