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Category: Cupcakke

CupcakKe - Lemon Pepper Lyrics

CupcakKe – Lemon Pepper Lyrics

Lemon Pepper By CupcakKe I want my pussy hole stretched like the hoops on Nunu Open up the box like a nigga got new shoes She want that foreplay so […]

CupcakKe – Lawd Jesus Lyrics

Lawd Jesus By CupcakKe Ayy When I walk in a room, all the niggas lookin’ at me Like “What is my income?” Not droppin’ no brooms, that nigga get stood […]

cupcakKe – Grilling Niggas Lyrics

Grilling Niggas by cupcakKe: You bitches ugly and dusty and none of y’all matter Money all on me I’m feeling real flatter Walk in this bitch, straight drippin’ like I was tryna get to […]

cupcakKe – Whoregasm Lyrics

Whoregasm By cupcakKe It’s raining baby Forget  that, forget but Forget  everything that seems real, just trust Pregnancy test down my throat That’s where I carry your child (ugh) You  […]

CupcakKe – Ayesha Lyrics

​Chicago rapper “CupcakKe” have shared her new single ‘Ayesha’ : take a listen and read the ‘Ayesha’ lyrics below. Ayesha by CupcakKe Yeah your eyelashes mink, but your vagina stink […]

CupcakKe – Old Town Hoe Lyrics

Old Town Hoe Lyrics by CupcakKe (Old Town Road Remix) [CupcakKe] I’m gonna take your dick, put it in my hole I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more I’m […]