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Category: Curren$y

Curren$y - Smiled On Me Lyrics

Curren$y – Smiled On Me Lyrics

Smiled On Me Lyrics – Curren$y (DJ Fresh, DJ Fresh, DJ Fresh) Ancestors smiled on me Yeah, yeah Diamonds on my dial homie (Jet life, zone switchin’ baby, we smoking, […]

Curren$y - Arrival Lyrics

Curren$y – Arrival Lyrics

Arrival Lyrics – Curren$y Yeah, yeah, yeah (La música de Harry Fraud) Yeah, yeah, yeah (Uh, Chevy’s on switches, smoking weed in it Don’t post me in your pictures What […]

Curren$y - I Don't Call Lyrics

Curren$y – I Don’t Call Lyrics

I Don’t Call Lyrics – Curren$y Ah, ah, ah (My nigga Purps, Purps, if I’m not mistaken) Yeah I got a Caddy’ I don’t drive (Caddy’ I don’t drive), bitches […]

Curren$y - Closing Date Lyrics

Curren$y – Closing Date Lyrics

Closing Date Lyrics – Curren$y Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Closing date I just got the keys to a closed down grocery store We parkin’ cars in it We […]

Curren$y - Shout Out Lyrics

Curren$y – Shout Out Lyrics

Shout Out Lyrics – Curren$y They got cups in here? We might got some liquor Damn East side (Turn the beat up some) Trauma Tone, uh I could pull up […]

Curren$y - Ferrari Engine Lyrics

Curren$y – Ferrari Engine Lyrics

Ferrari Engine Lyrics – Curren$y East side on mine, just like every time Seven lowriders outside in a line, ayy Ferrari engine leave the whole fuckin’ block tremblin’ Screen door […]