d4vd – This Is How It Feels Lyrics

This Is How It Feels Lyrics – d4vd Sittin’ on the bleachers alone Wonderin’ where it went wrong The ringin’ of bells and the sound of the tone I haven’t


BACKSTREET GIRL Lyrics – d4vd Backstreet girl From another world With eyes like the ocean So trapped in emotion What a lovely girl With a heart of gold She’s losing

d4vd – You and I Lyrics

You and I Lyrics – d4vd I dream about you and I But why do I even try? Cause you’re running away, running away And I’m trying to stay, trying

d4vd – The Bridge Lyrics

The Bridge Lyrics – d4vd Over water, there’s a bridge, and I can’t seem to get to you The fear of a loss, what I always succumb to The way,

d4vd – Sleep Well Lyrics

Sleep Well Lyrics – d4vd Do you think about me every night Before you go to sleep? I know you must be terrified Of what you might see in your

d4vd – Worthless Lyrics

Worthless Lyrics – d4vd I just left the party with a girl that said she doesn’t want me I feel out of body the way the world keeps wishing death

d4vd – Placebo Effect Lyrics

Placebo Effect Lyrics by d4vd – Full Song Lyrics Days go by So rapidly Oh won’t you comfort me I know what we had It was make believe Oh a

d4vd – Poetic Vulgarity Lyrics

Poetic Vulgarity Lyrics – d4vd Hello, are you there? ‘Cause I missed you at the show tonight (Mmhm) Anytime, anywhere, I just want to make sure you’re alright If you’re

d4vd – Dirty Secrets Lyrics

Dirty Secrets Lyrics – d4vd I know the dirty secrets that you keep And you know that you can’t hide them all from me I’ll figure it out like I

d4vd – Here With Me Lyrics

Here With Me Lyrics – d4vd Watch the sun rise along the coast As we’re both getting old I can’t describe what I’m feeling And all I know is we’re

D4vd – Romantic Homicide Lyrics

Romantic Homicide lyrics by D4vd I’m scared It feels like you don’t care Enlighten me, my dear Why am I still here, oh I don’t mean to be complacent With