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Category: Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar – SUPERPOSITION Lyrics

SUPERPOSITION Lyrics by Daniel Caesar (Feat. John Mayer) Isn’t it an irony? The things that inspire me They make me bleed So profusely I got everything I need Time and […]

Daniel Caesar – OPEN UP Lyrics

OPEN UP Lyrics by Daniel Caesar It’s been such a long time Since I set foot in the club I really hate this s---, don’t I? I hate feeling rushed, […]

Daniel Caesar – CYANIDE Lyrics

CYANIDE Lyrics by Daniel Caesar I love dominantly You make me weak, make me thirsty for release Wan’, come compliment me Then become my enemy Cop a flight to Paris, […]

Daniel Caesar – ENTROPY Lyrics

ENTROPY Lyrics by Daniel Caesar I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita Vishnu was trying to persuade the prince that, he should do his duty And, to […]

Daniel Caesar – Who Hurt You? Lyrics

Who Hurt You? by Daniel Caesar Released : 2018 Take me back to Georgia, back to Atlanta Funny how present turns past I might fly Priscilla out just for ‘Bana […]