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Category: DaniLeigh

The Plan [Album 2018]

01. The Plan
02. Can’t Relate
03. Be Yourself
04. Cruz
05. Do It to Me
06. Don’t Mean Nothin
07. Family Only
08. Blue Chips
09. Easy
10. Yo No Se
11. Lil Bebe
12. I Do It 4
13. Lil Bebe (feat. Lil Bebe)

DaniLeigh - Levi High Lyrics

DaniLeigh – Levi High Lyrics

Levi High By DaniLeigh (feat. DaBaby) Yeah D-D-Daytrip took it to ten (Hey) Levi high jeans, sittin’ right, keep that ass up It’s a ‘Gram flex, basic hoes gettin’ gassed […]

DaniLeigh – No Caller ID Lyrics

No Caller ID By DaniLeigh Hmm Yeah, yeah (Yeah) Mm, Mm Wish I could block these no caller ID numbers (Yeah, yeah) Ayy, yeah Turn up, turn up Wish I […]

DaniLeigh – Wrong Lyrics

Wrong By DaniLeigh Why they always end up doin’ wrong? (Wrong) Tell me that you’ll never do me wrong (Yeah) Don’t be hiding shit up in your phone Know that […]

DaniLeigh – Old Me Lyrics

Old Me By DaniLeigh You need to take your time if you really tryna know me They tryna be Dani, man, these bitches tryna clone me And I don’t got […]

DaniLeigh – Usually Lyrics

Usually By DaniLeigh Usually I don’t say shit I just go and count my money All these bitches actin’ funny ‘Cause I’m out here gettin’ money, yeah (Gettin’ money) Miss […]