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Category: DaniLeigh

The Plan [Album 2018]

01. The Plan
02. Can’t Relate
03. Be Yourself
04. Cruz
05. Do It to Me
06. Don’t Mean Nothin
07. Family Only
08. Blue Chips
09. Easy
10. Yo No Se
11. Lil Bebe
12. I Do It 4
13. Lil Bebe (feat. Lil Bebe)

DaniLeigh – Wrong Lyrics

Wrong By DaniLeigh Why they always end up doin’ wrong? (Wrong) Tell me that you’ll never do me wrong (Yeah) Don’t be hiding s--- up in your phone Know that […]

DaniLeigh – Old Me Lyrics

Old Me By DaniLeigh You need to take your time if you really tryna know me They tryna be Dani, man, these b------ tryna clone me And I don’t got […]

DaniLeigh – Usually Lyrics

Usually By DaniLeigh Usually I don’t say s--- I just go and count my money All these b------ actin’ funny ‘Cause I’m out here gettin’ money, yeah (Gettin’ money) Miss […]

DaniLeigh – Cravin Lyrics

Cravin By DaniLeigh Lyrics Steppin’ right, real tight, got a n---- cravin’ All night, that’s right, ballin’ on the daily Off-White fit nice, Balenciaga wavy A-- fat, real snack, got […]

DaniLeigh – Lurkin Lyrics

Lurkin Lyrics by DaniLeigh You always on that b---- page! But I pay my phone bill Okay, and? And I’m your girl, so what that mean? Okay, but I love […]

Danileigh – I Do It 4 Lyrics

I Do It 4 Lyrics Danileigh (feat. Lil Yachty) (REPEAT 2X) CHROUS I do it for my squad I do it for my fam I do it for the bands […]

Danileigh – Lil Bebe Lyrics

Lil Bebe Lyrics Danileigh My lil’ Bebe Change your price tag There’s a upgrade On a watch, yeah Yeah, I’m all work If you want that Is your Rollie Be […]

Danileigh – Yo No Se Lyrics

Yo No Se Lyrics Danileigh (feat. Bill$) Yo No se Yo te lllamo pero yo no se Porque Tu ni me quiere No me de cotorra no me hables de […]

Danileigh – Easy Lyrics

Easy Lyrics Danileigh Let me catch ya vibe  Lets just take our time  Jus relax your mind  and Take it easy Don’t have to decide  You do I do I […]

Danileigh – Family Only Lyrics

Family Only Lyrics Danileigh Mama told me be a boss baby girl Papa told me your a star lil girl Brother told me ain’t no love in this world  always […]

Danileigh – Do It to Me Lyrics

Do It to Me Lyrics Danileigh Lyrics will be available soon. Danileigh – The Plan 01. The Plan 02. Can’t Relate 03. Be Yourself 04. Cruz 05. Do It to […]

Danileigh – Cruz Lyrics

Cruz Lyrics Danileigh Metro Whipping lane lane yeah, n---- ride a Ghost Whipping grain grain, yeah baby do the most Both f----- twice, yeah eighth in my cup Swervin’, swervin’, […]

Danileigh – Be Yourself Lyrics

Be Yourself Lyrics Danileigh HOOK I came as myself I am one of a kind designed like nobody else  I was born alone Ima die alone Don’t need no help […]