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Category: Danny Brown

Danny Brown – Change Up Lyrics

Change Up by Danny Brown Lyrics They thought I was gone, back from the grave Mind of a master, blood of a slave Heart of a king, stuck in between […]

Danny Brown – Savage Nomad Lyrics

Savage Nomad by Danny Brown F--- school, stole the scales out of chemistry class (Step) And made it all come back like memory lapse (Yeah) I’m in that matte black ‘Lac, strap under the […]

Danny Brown – Negro Spiritual Lyrics

Negro Spiritual by Danny Brown Lyrics: I’m on par like Tiger Woods to white fraud (Step) Off three Xanax, drunk driving in the rental car (Yeah) Boutta hit her with my best shot, like […]

Danny Brown – Shine Lyrics

Shine by Danny Brown Lyrics: .19s, but I keep a plain though Leather inside, dark-tinted window Wood-grain wheel, tell me how you really feel Ride past all the kids, yellin’ out, “Bingo” Talk […]

Danny Brown – Combat Lyrics

Combat by Danny Brown Lyrics: I don’t give a f--- I could talk a cat off the back of a fish truck Tell me what’s up All about the game, so I’m hunting big […]

Danny Brown – 3 Tearz Lyrics

3 Tearz by Danny Brown: Oh, we went school alright Haha, we went to school, we was doin’ JPEGs Say Used to cut the rock with no glove on (Step) Shove on, for […]

Danny Brown – Best Life Lyrics

Best Life by Danny Brown L-Y-R-I-C-S: Come from the sewer where hot dogs got boiled Right up in the same pot, uncooked, the rock Went from flippin’ them mats, to […]

Danny Brown – Dirty Laundry Lyrics

Dirty Laundry by Danny Brown The Hybrid Tellin you try again Sleep with the beast Daniel in the lion’s den Still drop dirty Have to pop a Niacin Itched all […]

Danny Brown – Kool Aid Lyrics

Kool Aid by Danny Brown Released : 2017 Genre : Hip Hop You fruits get pints to stir up, bust your girlfriend cherry Smoking on that grape and that be […]