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Category: Dappy

Dappy – All We Know Lyrics

All We Know by Dappy Released : 2018 I’m with the guys, I’m with the guys Shout out to bros, Let’s get that dough That’s all we know, She got […]

Dappy – Oh My Lyrics 

[Dappy] ‘Cause she the baddest from time, oh my Should’ve seen the way that ting just walked by, oh my It’s the way she parked it right there We don’t […]

Dappy – Trill Lyrics

Trill by Dappy Released : 2017 Yah, yeah-yeah, yeah Stay prayed up Did you see how many feds were at my door, wow Should’ve seen how many paps were at […]

Dappy – Beautiful Me Lyrics

You say you wanna love me, you say I’m just a fake You say I’m just another one that never had your back Do you feel my presence, maybe I […]

Dappy – No Regrets Lyrics

Oh oh oh oh oh oh na na na na na Oh oh oh oh oh oh hear me out This is my King’s Speech, I’m nowhere near the end […]