Darren Hayes

Darren Stanley Hayes is an Australian singer. He was the frontman and singer of the pop duo Savage Garden until their disbandment. Their 1997 album Savage Garden peaked at No. 1 in Australia, No. 2 in United Kingdom and No. 3 in United States.

Darren Hayes – A Little Death Lyrics

A Little Death Lyrics – ​Darren Hayes Hey boy can I get a little sympathy? Because the future of you and I died a little death today You barely noticed

Darren Hayes – Hey Matt Lyrics

Hey Matt Lyrics – ​Darren Hayes Hey Matt I got something I wanna tell you If you’re there pick up It’s no big deal I’m just so lonely You see

Darren Hayes – Homosexual (Act One) Lyrics

Homosexual (Act One) Lyrics – ​Darren Hayes It’s not a blessing and it’s not a curse A crystal technicolor neon tour de force It’s not a feeling a feeling you

Darren Hayes – Music Video Lyrics

Music Video Lyrics – ​Darren Hayes 1982 Oh I was a very young ten years old Tenderoni got to school early to avoid home I was emerging I was finding

Darren Hayes – Euphoric Equation Lyrics

Euphoric Equation Lyrics – ​Darren Hayes In the beginning there was darkness There was no mercy it was heartless Sometimes to survive this life you gotta learn to run Stay

Darren Hayes – Nocturnal Animal Lyrics

Nocturnal Animal Lyrics – ​Darren Hayes You pay a fee to get a dog You have to prove your home is suitable But anyone can be a Dad And your

Darren Hayes – Feels Like It’s Over Lyrics

Feels Like It’s Over Lyrics – ​Darren Hayes I know I’m lost A ghost inhabiting the shell of a man Who looks like someone you loved And I’m cognizant of

Darren Hayes – We Are Alchemists Lyrics

We Are Alchemists Lyrics – ​Darren Hayes Do what you want with me You know I can’t refuse Replace the scars in me With your emotional tattoos I was never

Darren Hayes – Homosexual (Act Two) Lyrics

Homosexual (Act Two) Lyrics – ​Darren Hayes If it’s all my fault Then it’s all your fault ‘Cause if man was created in the image of God Then maybe she’s

Darren Hayes – Birth Lyrics

Birth Lyrics – ​Darren Hayes There’s a feeling inside me Under layers of dirt Jekyll and Hyding from me In a bloodstained shirt Buried 6 feet in my gut Scratching

Darren Hayes – All You Pretty Things Lyrics

All You Pretty Things Lyrics – Darren Hayes All you pretty things Yeah all you pretty things All you pretty things Came here to dance You came here to find

Darren Hayes – Poison Blood Lyrics

Poison Blood Lyrics by Darren Hayes Robin had it My Mother has it My Grandma had it I guess I got it too And once you’ve got it It drains

Darren Hayes – Do You Remember? Lyrics

Do You Remember? Lyrics – Darren Hayes Do you? Do you remember the love? Do you remember we were in love? Do you remember the club? Do you remember we

Darren Hayes – Let’s Try Being In Love Lyrics

Let’s Try Being In Love Lyrics – Darren Hayes Being in love Let’s try being in love Let’s try being in love Being in love I’m in love with the