Dave & Central Cee – Trojan Horse Lyrics

Trojan Horse Lyrics – Dave & Central Cee I’m feelin’ villainous I couldn’t afford them kicks, I had one pair, and I cleaned them rigorous Squeeze in junior, I feel

Dave & Central Cee – Sprinter Lyrics

Sprinter Lyrics – Dave & Central Cee The mandem too inconsiderate, five star hotels smokin’ cigarette Mixin’ codeine up with the phenergan She got fit, but she wanna get thin

Dave – My 24th Birthday Lyrics

My 24th Birthday Lyrics – Dave I spent my twenty-fourth birthday with the people I love For the diamonds, gotta see through the dust God, I know I ain’t easy

Dave – Starlight Lyrics

Starlight Lyrics – Dave Uoy evol I, sdrow rehto nI Uoy evol I, sdrow rehto nI It’s hard to hate on the truth I’m livin’ Enough man hate with the

Dave – We’re All Alone Lyrics

We’re All Alone Lyrics – Dave I remember when I used to be innocent, ain’t shit changed I’m a young black belligerent Child of an immigrant, lifestyle frivolous ‘Round here

Dave – Verdansk Lyrics

Verdansk Lyrics – Dave Just had to kick a chick out of the studio, shit’s nuts, fam (Hahahaha) I like Kyle’s words, fam, the truth is madder than fiction, fam

Dave – In the Fire Lyrics

In the Fire Lyrics – Dave I know I got religion I belong to the laws and crew You see we fought and we get happy That’s the way we

Dave – Three Rivers Lyrics

Three Rivers Lyrics – Dave Imagine an island where the party never ends Where it’s less about money and it’s more about friends Where the vibes can’t done It’s less

Dave – System Lyrics

System Lyrics – Dave Wine baby, show me that your wine on well Yeah, show me that wind on well, yeah, yeah, yeah I never knew about you so well

Dave – Lazarus Lyrics

Lazarus Lyrics – Dave Anyone weapon formed against me can’t prosper Imposter, I’ma fill ’em with lead My best friend like Tommy Lee Sparta I’m in the Gaza just tryna

Dave – Law of Attraction Lyrics

Law of Attraction Lyrics – Dave You keep talkin’, I’ve been silent Now, what’s the point to watch when you can’t read between? The lines you crossed, I’m sick of

Dave – Both Sides of A Smile Lyrics

Both Sides of A Smile Lyrics – Dave And then, the finer details—who’s your Juliet? What’s the dynamic in the situation between the two leads? You know, I guess we’re

Dave – Twenty to One Lyrics

Twenty to One Lyrics – Dave Twenty-to-one, look at the time, it’s twenty-to-one I’m on the right with the guys, and we’re lookin’ for him If we catch him it’s

Dave – Heart Attack Lyrics

Heart Attack Lyrics – Dave Knife crimes is near a record high With more than forty blade offenses every day in London At a youth club in South London not

Dave & Stormzy – Clash Lyrics

Clash Lyrics – Dave & Stormzy Jordan 4’s or Jordan 1’s, Rolexes, got more than one My AP cost thirty-one, millimeters forty-one Stick him up with a stick-stick, he drew

Dave – Mercury Lyrics

Mercury Lyrics – Dave I feel, I feel you breaking under My skin, I’ll be your vacant lover Diving too deep to tell ourselves apart Hand on my heart California

Dave – Titanium Lyrics

Titanium Lyrics – Dave Twenty-two with a 2.2, just came back from a long hiatus She came, that came from the clit No shit, I don’t need vibrators You get