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Category: David Gray

David Gray – Mallory Lyrics

Mallory Lyrics By David Gray Ah to be lost However briefly Lost in a place Yeah such as this Was to be free Of the shackles of the known roads […]

David Gray – Hurricane Season Lyrics

Hurricane Season Lyrics By David Gray This is hurricane season Hurricane season Just how did I get So tired and mean With eyes that flicker Like a movie screen A […]

David Gray – Hall Of Mirrors Lyrics

Hall Of Mirrors Lyrics By David Gray Life in these mirrored halls Rings hollow bright Hearts grown like icicles In dead of night The weight of longing falls And spirit […]

David Gray – It’s Late Lyrics

It’s Late Lyrics By David Gray It’s late, wake up Baby wake up it’s late It’s late wake up Baby wake up it’s late Diving into that sea of images […]

David Gray – Furthering Lyrics

Furthering Age Lyrics By David Gray Just keep pouring I’ll say when Walk me further in Lose the weight that’s in these bones Fly like skipping stones Cross the surface […]

David Gray – The Sapling Lyrics

The Sapling Lyrics By David Gray Gonna lay down in the grass And watch that acorn Split in two Slowly take root While the clock upon the wall Makes idle […]

David Gray – A Tight Ship Lyrics

A Tight Ship Lyrics by David Gray [David Gray] The better then To know myself That fear be damned And love be wealth To sing it like A mountain stream […]