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Category: DAX

Dax – My Last Words Lyrics

My Last Words Lyrics by Dax [DAX] What would your last words be if someone put a gun to your head and said you had 2 minute before they shoot. […]


SELF PROCLAIMED 2 Lyrics By DAX [Dax] I’ll keep on saying I’m the greatest until we both believe it Nothing’s impossible It’s Dax Huh, you ready [Dax] I gave up […]


NO GOVERNMENT Lyrics by Dax [Dax] Aye for the next two minutes and twenty five seconds I need you to take in every single word I say This is No […]

Dax – ZEZE Freestyle Lyrics

ZEZE Freestyle Lyrics by Dax [Dax] ce water on my Patek See I eint Eva used to have it now I got it man I might as well rap it. […]

Dax – KILLSHOT Freestyle Lyrics

KILLSHOT Freestyle Lyrics Dax Why everybody asking me if rapper I’m a artist I just rap for fun but still do it the hardest. How I started was a baby […]

Dax – She Cheated Again Lyrics

She Cheated Again Lyrics Dax To be honest I didn’t even want to make this. I knew the topic I would talk about was frowned upon and heavily debated. Everybody […]

Dax – Rap God Freestyle Lyrics

Rap God Freestyle Lyrics by Dax LYRICS: I’m sick of the bullshit, I should be on top but I’m riding the bench, N****s are blowing for less I been killing […]

Dax – Lyrics by Dax (feat. Hopsin) Ayee if no ones told you this today, imma tell ya! You worth it! It’s Dax You worth it, perfect, see through the surface A […]

DAX – Don’t Wanna Die Today Lyrics

Don’t Wanna Die Today by DAX (XXXTENTACION Tribute) (Talking) I don’t wanna die today I don’t wanna die today I don’t wanna f*****g die I don’t wanna die today, take […]