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Category: DAX

Dax – Dear Santa Lyrics

Dear Santa By Dax Ayeee Santa Dax again I hope your not ignoring my calls I’m sorry about what happen last year I’m just really passionate about Christmas And you […]

Dax – RAP GOD 2 Lyrics

RAP GOD 2 By Dax Highest in the room I’m so fly like I’m riding on a broom I’m so fire even n----- on space can attest when I rap […]

Dax – Dear God Lyrics

Dear God By Dax Lyrics Intro: I just want to make this clear I am a believer But Sometimes it gets hard My name is Dax Dear god There’s a […]

Dax - Homicide Freestyle Lyrics

Dax – Homicide Freestyle Lyrics

Homicide by Dax: N----- say I can’t rap rap I’m the new ear n---- no SnapBack I carry the game like backpacks old new new school meshed give a n---- […]

Dax – ISIS Freestyle Lyrics

ISIS Freestyle by Dax: F--- that singing s--- Its back to my old ways, its no games I Eint been to sleep in like 4 days N----- gassed cuz I’m […]


KILLSHOT 2 by DAX Radical infliction way I rap is an addiction placing words Onto this paper was tactical decision I was chosen by God’s to merge the worlds and […]

Dax – Wack Ass Rappers Lyrics

Wack A-- Rappers Freestyle by Dax Wack a-- rappers like a b---- getting passed around, I dont need yo co-sign we Eint bros dis Eint no hand me down, graduated […]

Dax – Did It First Lyrics

Did It First by Dax It’s Dax The first, did first I f------ warned you man I told you I was gonna do this (Yeah!) Still laughing? (ready) It’s Dax […]

CHVSE – Man Down Lyrics

Man Down Lyrics By CHVSE feat. Dax & PFV) [Chvse] Yeah I got a lot to say on this next record Ain’t no one f------ with the underdogs Not even […]

Dax – My Last Words Lyrics

My Last Words Lyrics by Dax [DAX] What would your last words be if someone put a gun to your head and said you had 2 minute before they shoot. […]


SELF PROCLAIMED 2 Lyrics By DAX [Dax] I’ll keep on saying I’m the greatest until we both believe it Nothing’s impossible It’s Dax Huh, you ready [Dax] I gave up […]