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Category: Daya

Daya – Left Me Yet Lyrics

Left Me Yet Lyrics : Daya Bad at sorries Good at finding places I don’t belong Where I don’t belong You hold your tongue And light another blunt When you […]

Daya – Forward Motion Lyrics

Forward Motion Lyrics by Daya Don’t let the negative ever get in your way Don’t let it mess up your life Don’t let it f--- up your day Don’t let […]

Daya – Insomnia Lyrics

Insomnia Lyrics By Daya Ah, ah, ’cause I can’t sleep without you No, I don’t want to dream about you Wish I had my arms wrapped around you (Insomnia) I […]

Daya – Safe Lyrics

Safe by Daya There’s not much comfort in this place Ah-aha-aha-aha-aha I’ll keep you safe When you can’t fight the bitter taste Ah-aha-aha-aha-aha I’ll keep you safe Full Lyrics will […]