Dayglow – Radio Lyrics

Radio Lyrics – Dayglow I don’t need too much Just a stereo and some rock and roll on a real guitar Now I get so bored, it’s so monotonous Remember

Dayglow – Stops Making Sense Lyrics

Stops Making Sense Lyrics – Dayglow With a one way ticket out of town You headed to the station Then suddenly that sound Placed you in a rather strange situation

Dayglow – How Do You Know? Lyrics

How Do You Know? Lyrics – Dayglow It started out great at 7 or 8 Then we talked all night So late then you got in my head Can’t believe

Dayglow – Someone Else Lyrics

Someone Else Lyrics – Dayglow I can’t tell you quite why These voices that aren’t even mine They keep singing to me songs that nobody knows And I can’t make

Dayglow – Like She Does Lyrics

Like She Does Lyrics – Dayglow I’ve spent some time now thinking about you These days remain in the frames that we already see through It’s like we know something,

Dayglow – Turn Around Lyrics

Turn Around Lyrics – Dayglow Feels like it hit me on the head But saw it from a mile away It’s probably time I let it in Been feeling this

Dayglow – Talking To Light Lyrics

Talking To Light Lyrics – Dayglow Oh reckon I feel it now I never know what they’re talking about You know me like a colour And you take me into

Dayglow – Second Nature Lyrics

Second Nature Lyrics – Dayglow Dancing Feeling like myself and now I’m dancing Feeling so unstoppable, I know these things are Bound to be surrounded in a moment forever on

Dayglow – Deep End Lyrics

Deep End Lyrics – Dayglow Alright, I’m fine saying what I knew before But I can feel beyond the shore Something pulling me And by now Found out that I

Dayglow – Then It All Goes Away Lyrics

Then It All Goes Away Lyrics – Dayglow Oh come on now It’s not always the same You can’t tell me you don’t notice Probably the same things ‘Cause I

Dayglow – Medicine Lyrics

Medicine Lyrics – Dayglow Do you know what is means When you think on a screen? Can you make memories If they’re just make believe? Oh, I don’t know if

Dayglow – December Lyrics

December Lyrics – Dayglow You said you’ve got so much left to do Instead, you’re just pacing ’round the room ‘Cause what else is someone supposed to do When yourself

Dayglow – Into Blue Lyrics

Into Blue Lyrics – Dayglow I only feel like I’m losing you Even when you’re here in my arms And even when I’m holding you close, my dear I still

Dayglow – Moving Out Lyrics

Moving Out Lyrics – Dayglow It might be time to let somebody in It never gets good if you never begin And I know that it’s gone And the feeling

Dayglow – Strangers Lyrics

Strangers Lyrics – Dayglow I’ve been on my own these days Trying to figure out the pace When I don’t even know the place, I’m going to It’s gotten to

Dayglow – Like Ivy Lyrics

Like Ivy Lyrics – Dayglow Am I inside some strange simulation? What in tarnation is going on? I get the feeling I’m participating In a demonstration, they’re just playing along

Dayglow – Balcony Lyrics

Balcony Lyrics – Dayglow Everyday, nowadays It’s getting strange in different ways You call me out from in a haze I should’ve stayed home I wish you would’ve come down,

Dayglow – Woah Man Lyrics

Woah Man Lyrics – Dayglow No matter what the distance It doesn’t make a difference If you can’t see that light anymore Yeah, you’ve already told me This same ol’

Dayglow – Something Lyrics

Something Lyrics – Dayglow Taking me down, where is the place? Calling a cab, showing up late Now that it’s all already waste Who will you be? Your coffee to