Dayseeker – Neon Grave Lyrics

Neon Grave Lyrics – Dayseeker Fading fire I see the sky begin to fall apart I know you’re tired But you can’t keep runnin’ Terrified I won’t see you on

Dayseeker – Homesick Lyrics

Homesick Lyrics – Dayseeker Meet me where the lines blur together It’s 4 AM and I can’t sleep You’re the only thing that felt forever Waiting for the mourning to

Dayseeker – Midnight Eternal Lyrics

Midnight Eternal Lyrics – Dayseeker Hold me in a dim-lit world So I can learn how bad it hurts Open up the vacant door When I am lost without you

Dayseeker – Dark Sun Lyrics

Dark Sun Lyrics – Dayseeker You held your head up high ’til dying wasn’t far away I saw you reaching out for another way to be saved I watched you

Dayseeker – Quicksand Lyrics

Quicksand Lyrics – Dayseeker I’ve been wading through the quicksand Trying to find a way to pretend All my demons know where I stand I’ve been sinking down and I

Dayseeker – Paper Heart Lyrics

Paper Heart Lyrics – Dayseeker I’m feeling reckless tonight So I think I will go for a night drive Feel the tears flood my eyes So I think I will

Dayseeker – Parallel Lyrics

Parallel Lyrics – Dayseeker I walk in the room, and I can’t conceive it The hospital bed, you’re fighting to breathe in I’m holding your hand but it’s losing color

Dayseeker – Dreamstate Lyrics

Dreamstate Lyrics – Dayseeker (Dreamstate) Always told me to keep you close The feeling’s fading when you’re a ghost I dream of colors that light your face But real life

Dayseeker – Without Me Lyrics

Without Me Lyrics – Dayseeker How did we let it all come to nothing Feelin’ like I should’ve been feelin’ something Lately I’ve been puttin’ it off to see if