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Category: DDG

Album: Sorry 4 the Hold Up (2019)

01. Lil Baby
02. Too Much to Lose
03. Hold Up
04. Run It Up

DDG - Moonwalking In Calabasas Lyrics

DDG – Moonwalking In Calabasas Lyrics

Moonwalking In Calabasas By DDG Ballin’ since I was jit Way before Ultimate filmin’ the skits, I had a goal to get rich Momma was strugglin’ paying the rent I […]

DDG - Well Off Lyrics

DDG – Well Off Lyrics

Well Off By DDG Brodi poppin’ xanny’s, he just wanna take the edge off He just seen a opp at the store but he sped off Gotta keep it on […]

DDG - She Cheated Lyrics

DDG – She Cheated Lyrics

She Cheated By DDG (Devo this shit hard) She got a man, but she in here just for me, yeah Heard he was a fan, if he find out he […]

DDG - Case Lyrics

DDG – Case Lyrics

Case By DDG Yeah, yeah, yeah, mmm Mmm, yeah Devo, this shit hard Bro got a case, he can’t leave the state They givin’ him 8, I hope he okay […]

DDG – Exotics Lyrics

DDG – Exotics Lyrics

Exotics By DDG Devo this shit hard I’m in the city, I’m whippin’ exotics She off of narcotics, she rubbin’ my body I think she popped her a X or […]