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Category: Deamn

Deamn – Ecstasy

Deamn – Ecstasy Lyrics

Ecstasy by Deamn Released : 2018 I love you in LA I don’t know how you did it You stole my heart that night You know just what to say […]

DEAMN – Summer Love Lyrics

We are cool for this summer When I’m like: ‘Boy, I got your body On my mind’ You make my heart beat faster I’ll be your sweet disaster Deep in […]

DEAMN – Drive My Car Lyrics

Drive My Car by DEAMN Released : 2017 Genre : Dance Hey babe, you could be my lover Honey, I don’t need another one Can you come a little closer? […]

DEAMN – Sign Lyrics

Sign Lyrics by DEAMN Trying to forget you I’m all alone in a ghost town There’s a beautiful madness Inside my soul and I can’t stop Thinking of you Walking […]