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Category: Dean Lewis

Dean Lewis – Don’t Hold Me Lyrics

Have you ever wished you could rewind Pick up all the pieces of the life you left behind Have you ever lived on borrowing time Knowing your mistakes are chasing […]

Dean Lewis – Time To Go Lyrics

You’ve been sleeping the whole night Tried my best to not even call ‘Cause if you’re not here by my side I’ll come knocking at your door Did you mean […]

Dean Lewis – Chemicals Lyrics

I fell in love with the chemicals I used to pray for a miracle But I know that it’s all over We used to sit by the waterside I’d kiss […]

Dean Lewis – Waves Lyrics

There is a swelling storm And I’m caught up in the middle of it all And it takes control Of the person that I thought I was The boy I […]

Dean Lewis – Hold Of Me Lyrics

Walking slowly tryna find a place to go You begin to talk about your ex And the way that he would lose control And all your friends are trying to […]

Dean Lewis – Stay Awake Lyrics

Stay Awake Lyrics By Dean Lewis Tracing our fingers from right to left, we’re too drunk to even walk And all of a sudden you bring up our problems so […]

Dean Lewis – 7 Minutes Lyrics

7 Minutes Lyrics by Dean Lewis [Dean Lewis] It’s been seven minutes now since I’ve lost my way It doesn’t seem that long but my whole world has changed It’s […]

Dean Lewis – Be Alright Lyrics

Be Alright by Dean Lewis I look up from the ground To see your sad and teary eyes You look away from me And I see there’s something you’re trying […]