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Category: DeathbyRomy

DeathbyRomy - Release Yourself Lyrics

DeathbyRomy – Release Yourself Lyrics

Release Yourself Lyrics by DeathbyRomy Wake up, the fires’ gonna get you You’re stuck but only you can save you Runnin in circles only hurts you Stand up, you need […]

DeathbyRomy - Beautiful Mayhem Lyrics

DeathbyRomy – Beautiful Mayhem Lyrics

Beautiful Mayhem Lyrics By DeathbyRomy Adórame porque soy tu Dios Beautiful mayhem Violently happy Sensual destruction, skin’s only so deep I feel the hunger Let it consume me Beautiful mayhem […]

DeathbyRomy - Kiss Me Goodbye Lyrics

DeathbyRomy – Kiss Me Goodbye Lyrics

Kiss Me Goodbye By DeathbyRomy Say you’re in love, but it’s just lust It’s been heaven these past seven months I should have known it wouldn’t last But you told […]

DeathbyRomy – Dangerous Lyrics

(Featuring ​blackbear) You’re dangerous, boy, but I love it Something about you, I can’t place it The feeling of your eyes on me is magic The spell you cast on […]