Def Leppard

Def Leppard – SOS Emergency Lyrics

SOS Emergency Lyrics – Def Leppard I see my life go flashin’ by At the mercy of your call Sailin’ in on broken wings I’m not ready for the fall

Def Leppard – Liquid Dust Lyrics

Liquid Dust Lyrics – Def Leppard Phase away Laze away Dreaming of that feeling A hazy way Came to play Through that window Came a castaway There’s not enough hours

Def Leppard – U Rok Mi Lyrics

U Rok Mi Lyrics – Def Leppard No matter what you breathe It’s where we at We’re more like make-believe In white and black Come-a-start me up Come on up

Def Leppard – Goodbye For Good This Time Lyrics

Goodbye For Good This Time Lyrics – Def Leppard How many times has tomorrow Been promised to someone? How many chances came When tomorrow was already gone? How many times

Def Leppard – All We Need Lyrics

All We Need Lyrics – Def Leppard If you could read my mind now What do you think you would see? You’d see my life in your hands now You

Def Leppard – Open Your Eyes Lyrics

Open Your Eyes Lyrics – Def Leppard When God is asleep And the world is wide open It’s fallen for a beautiful lie We’re in this too deep The timeline

Def Leppard – Gimme A Kiss Lyrics

Gimme A Kiss Lyrics – Def Leppard Oh, what a night I couldn’t feel better I don’t know just where to begin You read me like a book Right down

Def Leppard – Angels (Can’t Help You Now) Lyrics

Angels (Can’t Help You Now) Lyrics – Def Leppard It’s a slow news day But it’s gonna happen anyway Lock it up and lose the key A truth we’ll never

Def Leppard – Lifeless Lyrics

Lifeless Lyrics – Def Leppard (feat. Alison Krauss) I couldn’t breathe As I watched you leave I thought we had something But I wanted more I played my cards But

Def Leppard – Unbreakable Lyrics

Unbreakable Lyrics – Def Leppard I’m heading for a heartache ‘Cause there’s a hurricane coming my way Can’t hold me down forever So cut me loose before I fade away

Def Leppard – From Here To Eternity Lyrics

From Here To Eternity Lyrics – Def Leppard Can’t you see There’s a hole where my heart used to be? Set me free From here to eternity Do you still

Def Leppard – This Guitar Lyrics

This Guitar Lyrics – Def Leppard At seventeen I hadn’t seen The thing that makes us real Then I found you At twenty-four I wanted more When no one else

Def Leppard – Fire It Up Lyrics

Fire It Up Lyrics – Def Leppard Born to raise hell Since I lost my heaven Couldn’t find nine kid I’m on cloud seven Cherry top lover With a chemical

Def Leppard – Take What You Want Lyrics

Take What You Want Lyrics – Def Leppard Love’s complicated Love it or hate it I’m in this to win You don’t have to believe it Take it or leave

Def Leppard – Kick Lyrics

Kick Lyrics – Def Leppard You’re in my head again And I know where it’s goin’ I know I’m gonna need Another taste of your poison You’re the pulse to