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Category: Dennis Lloyd

Dennis Lloyd - Alien Lyrics

Dennis Lloyd – Alien Lyrics

Alien By Dennis Lloyd I’m feelin’ like an alien, baby Ridin’ around the world I’m feeling like a stranger, baby ‘Round and around we go Where did I come from? […]

Dennis Lloyd – Unfaithful Lyrics

Unfaithful By Dennis Lloyd How could you be so unfaithful? Oh (So unfaithful, oh) (So unfaithful, oh) Think about you Think about me And how we used to love, yeah How we used […]

Dennis Lloyd – Wild West Lyrics

Wild West by Dennis Lloyd [x2] What if you feel just like- Feel it like me [x2] Nobody knows how it feels to be like me Nobody, girl Cause I […]

Dennis Lloyd – Runaway Lyrics

Runaway Lyrics by Dennis Lloyd [Dennis Lloyd] I remember when you told me baby Thoughts I’ve never had… I remember how you loved them baby [Dennis Lloyd] “Baby don’t you […]

Dennis Lloyd – Aura Lyrics

Aura Lyrics by Dennis Lloyd [Dennis Lloyd] Oh, when we fuck Oh, when we fuck Oh, when we fuck Oh, when we fuck [Dennis Lloyd] I gave you everything You […]