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Category: Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry – WISH Lyrics

WISH by Denzel Curry Dreads to the top, gold in my mouth, woah there Hoes by the flock, no, let me stop, woah there And I keep a Glock, nah, […]

Denzel Curry – ZUU Lyrics

ZUU by Denzel Curry 305, we in the house M’s all on my belt, I’m feelin’ like I’m Majin Buu Pocket full of ivy and you know the face is […]

Denzel Curry – SPEEDBOAT Lyrics

SPEEDBOAT Lyrics by Denzel Curry I went from sticking pennies in the jar To offshore bank accounts See me and my conglomerates is lucrative I’m talking big money, big chains, […]

Denzel Curry – RICKY Lyrics

RICKY by Denzel Curry [Denzel Curry:] First they knockin’, now they hoppin’ All on the wave ’cause they see me poppin’ Big large pockets, they start flockin’ Here’s what I […]

Sirens | Z1renz Lyrics

Denzel Curry – Sirens | Z1renz Lyrics

Sirens | Z1renz by Denzel Curry [Billie Eilish & Denzel Curry:] Babe, when you hear the siren sounds When the karma come back ’round, don’t let me down Babe, there’s […]

Taboo | Ta13oo Lyrics

Denzel Curry – Taboo | Ta13oo Lyrics

Taboo | Ta13oo by Denzel Curry Denny Cascade Denny Cascade Yeah Yeah, yeah Welcome to the darker side of taboo All I’ve got is permanent scars and tattoos Take another […]