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Category: Denzel Curry

Sirens | Z1renz Lyrics

Denzel Curry – Sirens | Z1renz Lyrics

Sirens | Z1renz by Denzel Curry [Billie Eilish & Denzel Curry:] Babe, when you hear the siren sounds When the karma come back ’round, don’t let me down Babe, there’s […]

Taboo | Ta13oo Lyrics

Denzel Curry – Taboo | Ta13oo Lyrics

Taboo | Ta13oo by Denzel Curry Denny Cascade Denny Cascade Yeah Yeah, yeah Welcome to the darker side of taboo All I’ve got is permanent scars and tattoos Take another […]

Denzel Curry – Sumo Lyrics

Sumo by Denzel Curry Released : 2018 Ayy, okay, okay G-g-g-good Work Charlie Pockets too big, they sumo (what?) Pull a n---- card like Uno (hoo) Flip a n---- s--- like […]