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Category: Dermot Kennedy

Dermot Kennedy – Redemption Lyrics

Redemption by Dermot Kennedy Lyrics: Every wrong I did turned me to a better kid So alright Every time we kissed knew I wanted more of it so don’t hide Never let it in […]

Dermot Kennedy – Outgrown Lyrics

Outgrown by Dermot Kennedy Lyrics: So, call it off, believing in the art There’s evidence and remnants of a spark Strong belief there’ll be a better part When the hoping ends (When the hoping […]

Dermot Kennedy – Rome Lyrics

Rome by Dermot Kennedy Lyrics: So, what’s the past for? I’ll need it if love don’t last long So you can run around infinite in my head All you can’t […]

Dermot Kennedy – The Corner Lyrics

The Corner by Dermot Kennedy Lyrics: That should have never been your road We should have stayed there on the corner You know I’m always at your shoulder Take your […]

Dermot Kennedy – What Have I Done Lyrics

What Have I Done by Dermot Kennedy Lyrics Woke up this morning, light poured in, you’re with me I thought I’d be better off alone Now, my soul has been torn and reborn, […]

Dermot Kennedy – Outnumbered Lyrics

Outnumbered Lyrics by Dermot Kennedy Don’t tell me this is all for nothin’ I can only tell you one thing On the nights you feel outnumbered Baby, I’ll be out […]

Dermot Kennedy – Lost Lyrics

Lost Lyrics by Dermot Kennedy [Dermot Kennedy] When everything was broken The devil hit his second stride But you remember what I told you Someday I’ll need your spine to […]

Dermot Kennedy – All My Friends Lyrics

All My Friends by Dermot Kennedy Released: 2017 Album : Doves & Ravens  A thief in the night came Took everything you gave for her This song isn’t low, lady It’s […]