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Category: Desiigner

Desiigner - Soup Lyrics

Desiigner – Soup Lyrics

Soup By Desiigner Lil’ bro wanna text me and you know I let it do I open up her legs like I’m playing peek-a-boo Now I’m flyin’ out the country, […]

Desiigner - Hate Me Now FREESTYLE Lyrics

Desiigner – Hate Me Now FREESTYLE Lyrics

Hate Me Now FREESTYLE By Desiigner Ayy So this what they’ve been waiting for? Waiting a long time for this shit You gon’ hate me now ’cause your bitch love style You gon’ […]

Desiigner – Survivor Lyrics

Survivor By Desiigner Survivor through the day We gon’ survive this, on the gang I ain’t worried ’bout a thing Baby, I ain’t worried ’bout a thing I’ve been through […]

Desiigner - No Deal Lyrics

Desiigner – No Deal Lyrics

No Deal By Desiigner Lyrics Fuck how (Fuck how) you feel (You feel) Gold chains (Gold chains), big bills (Big bills) My niggas (My niggas) gettin’ real (Too real) Gettin’ […]

Desiigner – Thotiana Lyrics

Thotiana Remix Lyrics by Desiigner Git, git, git, thrah You will get right, Thotiana And i wanna see you get right Bend it over, that ass lookin’ too right I […]

Desiigner – Overseas Lyrics

Overseas Lyrics by Desiigner (ft. Lil Pump) (Ay, turn the music up for me, Chris) Aye, aye Aye, aye Git, git I fucked your bitch, she a freak, huh Nigga, […]