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Category: Dido

Dido – Have To Stay Lyrics

You were born with a smile on your face And it’s been there everyday When you cry I remind you That I’m never gone away That I’m here by your […]

Dido – Chances Lyrics

All I did today Was wake up and watch TV Another wasted day But that’s alright with me When shadows turn to clouds Good choices won’t be made Until tomorrow […]

Dido – Walking By Lyrics

Keep me locked up, keep me shut in You can but my mind still roams free You can keep me caged You can tell me to be quiet But I […]

Dido - Mad Love Lyrics

Dido – Mad Love Lyrics

Let ’em tell us stories As we lie in the fields And watch the birds soar above Let ’em tell us of love and loss How we’ll live and how […]

Dido – Still On My Mind Lyrics

Rolling seas, endless roads Heading into the sun Big skies, bigger dreams Enough for everyone I was brave, free of love I wanted to travel alone We were born in […]

Dido – Some Kind Of Love Lyrics

She found the records lying underneath the bed All the songs she used to sing All the songs she used to play All those words, those melodies And the promise […]

Dido – Take You Home Lyrics

Sun is hanging low across the street As we’re fighting, loving, talking in the heat We’re all walking home barely Everyday we’ll meet, everyday we’ll meet, do the same I […]

Dido – Hell After This Lyrics

Better run Fall in love Just for an afternoon Lovin’ goes too slow Light moves alone A song that plays Makes me miss All that I’ve lost Till the sun […]

Dido – Give You Up Lyrics

Give You Up Lyrics by Dido [Dido] I’m not sitting with my head in my hands right now I don’t care where you’ve been No, I ain’t watching the clock […]

Dido – Friends Lyrics

Friends Lyrics by Dido [Dido] I know you thought I’d never be Really much of anything While you were telling me I turned against the wind And when my eyes […]

Dido – Hurricanes Lyrics

Hurricanes Lyrics by Dido I wanna wake up With your weight by my side And I wanna think that You look good as you rise And I wanna turn to […]