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Category: dijon

Dijon - ​​alley-oop Lyrics

Dijon – ​​alley-oop Lyrics

​alley-oop By Dijon Hey slim, how do you feel about getting married? We don’t have to wait forever, and you don’t have to know the answer right now, (but if […]

Dijon - ​rock n roll Lyrics

Dijon – ​rock n roll Lyrics

​rock n roll By Dijon She don’t like rock n roll We talked about it She don’t like radio We talked about it Well baby punk rock won’t stop My […]

Dijon - dance song Lyrics

Dijon – dance song Lyrics

dance song By Dijon Can we dance with the lights down? Can I put my head by your head? Can I push you out, then pull you in? And when […]

Dijon - hunni Lyrics

Dijon – hunni Lyrics

hunni By Dijon Aw hunni. I had a bright idea. Aw hunni. I took the long way here. Whatever it is that you say I should do. I’ll do. Whatever […]

Dijon - jesse Lyrics

Dijon – jesse Lyrics

jesse By Dijon Jesse was late again But I don’t mind I’ll wait for him And Jesse gets mean sometimes But I don’t mind He’s got a lot on his […]

Dijon – CRYBABY Lyrics

CRYBABY By Dijon Lyrics Hold it down I collapse when seeing your face Cause you do it on purpose now And baby it’s the need of your dandelion Can’t you see Wish you’d […]