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Category: Diplo

Diplo - Dance with Me Lyrics

Diplo – Dance with Me Lyrics

Dance with Me By Diplo Had another dream, about you These days, only thing I do We’ve been standing in, the same room People talking, but I don’t want to […]

Diplo - On Mine Lyrics

Diplo – On Mine Lyrics

On Mine By Diplo Mention what we could, what we could be Breathe in, breathing in, breathing in, breathe Feel this, what a great, what a great mood Of you […]

Diplo - Real Life Stuff Lyrics

Diplo – Real Life Stuff Lyrics

Real Life Stuff By Diplo [Julia Michaels] I wanna do that real life stuff with you Turn everything around and fall in love with you You got me feelin’ different […]

Diplo - Hometown Lyrics

Diplo – Hometown Lyrics

Hometown By Diplo Let me take you to my hometown, show you who I was Everything it don’t have, everything it does Let me show you where I’m from ‘Cause […]

Diplo - Heartbreak Lyrics

Diplo – Heartbreak Lyrics

Heartbreak By Diplo Picture this all down the block Bars all closed at eight o’clock ‘Cause don’t nobody need to drown no pain Every song on that jukebox Be part […]