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Category: Disturbed

Album: The Sickness (2000)

Disturbed – A Welcome Burden Lyrics

A Welcome Burden Lyrics by Disturbed [Disturbed] Shout! [Disturbed] Heavy! You want it heavy! Welcome to my world, feel the weight of it grinding down and Heavy! I want it […]

Disturbed - Meaning of Life Lyrics

Disturbed – Meaning of Life Lyrics

Meaning of Life Lyrics by Disturbed [Disturbed] Get psycho I wanna get psycho Get psycho I wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna [Disturbed] I wanna get psycho, run, you little bitch I […]

Disturbed – Droppin’ Plates Lyrics

Droppin’ Plates Lyrics by Disturbed [Disturbed] Well here we go again, get up! A little something for your ear-hole, get up! Baring a part of my soul again, get up! […]

Disturbed – Shout 2000 Lyrics

Shout 2000 Lyrics by Disturbed [Disturbed] Shout! Shout! Let it all out These are the things I can do without Come on I’ma talking to you, so come on Shout! […]

Disturbed – Conflict Lyrics

Conflict Lyrics by Disturbed [Disturbed] Here you are, enemy You are my hated enemy Here I am, enemy Number one rated enemy I’m a labelled, enemy I am your mortal […]

Disturbed – Want Lyrics

Want Lyrics by Disturbed [Disturbed] She want me No Rah-ah! Rah-ah! Rah-ah! Rah-ah! Rah-ah! Rah-ah! Rah-ah! Rah-ah! Rah! [Disturbed] Your mind won’t let you say that you want me Your […]