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Category: DJ Snake

DJ Snake – Paris Lyrics

Paris by DJ Snake Through the fire, walking I ain’t feeling nothing, at all I keep on burning, holding my head up high ‘Cause I know something’s coming After this […]

DJ Snake - No Option Lyrics

DJ Snake – No Option Lyrics

No Option by DJ Snake Without no iPhone Wherever you go, Blackberry To keep the lights on Me thought you roll early Is that why have no option? Why Trappin’ […]

DJ Snake - No More Lyrics

DJ Snake – No More Lyrics

No More by DJ Snake Ooh, I caught you lyin’, lyin’ to my face Stop them tears you’re cryin’ You made your bed, now lay I don’t fuck with you […]

DJ Snake – Recognize Lyrics

Recognize by DJ Snake Feel a mess, but long nights set the mood Watchin’ others drink too much, much too soon Started sometime in the afternoon, I’m fading You like […]

DJ Snake – Smile Lyrics

Smile by DJ Snake (feat. Bryson Tiller) Ladies and gentlemen Introducing the world famous T R A P S O U L king Sing yeah Huh, wassup‚ baby? Ha‚ yeah‚ […]

DJ Snake – Fuego Lyrics

Fuego by DJ Snake (with Sean Paul & Anitta, feat. Tainy) Don’t make me crazy Your  bed won’t take it Don’t  start that fuego I can’t fight my DNA Loca […]