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Category: DJO

Djo – Tentpole Shangrila Lyrics

Tentpole Shangrila by Djo: Let me down, this is freaking me out All of this attention puts the glamorous on in sight Oh yeah, all right This tentpole Shangri-La displays this paradise in new […]

Djo – Just Along for the Ride Lyrics

Just Along for the Ride by Djo: Our love mends Get my friends Found the end Keep us together Lifeline low Come and go Is she still stoned? Under the weather Life […]

Djo – Ring Lyrics

Ring by Djo: Finished on the telephone Didn’t think I’d last this long Worried my future’s untold Coming up, it’s coming on It’s coming on Rip the pictures in my mind Close the […]

Djo – BNBG Lyrics

BNBG by Djo: I met somebody in a different way I used to think it was wrong Try linking letters in a virtual way It’s hard to I don’t have a clue Who is […]

Djo – Mortal Projections Lyrics

Mortal Projections by Djo: Tell me, wasn’t I in your dreams I reached out as I was falling asleep Thought that you were next to me And opened up my eyes Baby, you gotta […]

Djo – Total Control Lyrics

Total Control by Djo: A part of you A masterpiece of art, it’s true I want total control I know it’s hard to do I’m not foolish, no Relax Relax (Relax, relax, relax, […]