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Category: DJO

Djo – Just Along for the Ride Lyrics

Just Along for the Ride by Djo: Our love mends Get my friends Found the end Keep us together Lifeline low Come and go Is she still stoned? Under the weather Life […]

Djo – Ring Lyrics

Ring by Djo: Finished on the telephone Didn’t think I’d last this long Worried my future’s untold Coming up, it’s coming on It’s coming on Rip the pictures in my mind Close the […]

Djo – BNBG Lyrics

BNBG by Djo: I met somebody in a different way I used to think it was wrong Try linking letters in a virtual way It’s hard to I don’t have a clue Who is […]

Djo – Mortal Projections Lyrics

Mortal Projections by Djo: Tell me, wasn’t I in your dreams I reached out as I was falling asleep Thought that you were next to me And opened up my eyes Baby, you gotta […]

Djo – Total Control Lyrics

Total Control by Djo: A part of you A masterpiece of art, it’s true I want total control I know it’s hard to do I’m not foolish, no Relax Relax (Relax, relax, relax, […]

Djo – Flash Mountain Lyrics

Flash Mountain by Djo: You’re on your own Flash Mountain is getting you up, that’s right You’re on your own Flash Mountain is getting you up, that’s right You’re on your own Flash […]

Djo - Mutual Future (Repeat) Lyrics

Djo – Mutual Future (Repeat) Lyrics

Mutual Future (Repeat) by Djo: Mentally unprepared for the future that I’m livin’ in Cover to cover, the mark of a lover Is patience through time Will you be mine? I am only […]

Djo – Personal Lies Lyrics

Personal Lies by Djo: Lately, I feel like I been losing my mind I’m acting funny, I keep refilling my wine I fail to notice when I put past my limit And then I […]

Djo – Chateau (Feel Alright) Lyrics

Chateau (Feel Alright) By Djo Help, something’s wrong with me Home sick for LA In the summer of my life That’s when we first met Through a friend Something about you makes me […]

DJO – Roddy Lyrics

Roddy by DJO Cuttin’ the page Things are looking up That time is out of my range One drinks what lead to the change Out on my own Kicked out […]