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Category: DNCE

DNCE – Kissing Strangers Lyrics

Kissing Strangers by DNCE Released : 2017 Genre : Rock [Nicki Minaj:] Young Money [Joe Jonas:] Kissing strangers Heeeey I’m just trying to make my way on through the concrete […]

DNCE – Be Mean Lyrics

Be Mean Lyrics by DNCE They say you like the torture honey But don’t forget the whip My left hand’s getting loose But don’t let me slip You said you […]

DNCE – Blown Lyrics

Blown Lyrics by DNCE & Kent Jones I stare at you for so long You watched me just as strong It feels right bein’ wrong Never thought I’d get you, […]

DNCE – Toothbrush Lyrics

Baby you don’t have to rush You can leave a toothbrush At my place At my place We don’t need to keep it hush You can leave a toothbrush At […]