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Category: Dodie

Dodie - Think Too Hard Lyrics

Dodie – Think Too Hard Lyrics

Think Too Hard By Dodie Lyrics Hands on your head To hold your whole mind We had to stop To talk intertwined Something is hurting Think I understand But you […]

dodie – Boys Like You Lyrics

Boys Like You by dodie: Boys Like You Lyrics: Hold my head a little higher Can’t you tell I love a liar? I know what I look like to you I would say […]

dodie – Guiltless Lyrics

Guiltless Lyrics by dodie There is a wall in my life built by you (Mmm) You opened a door that a kid shouldn’t walk through Oh, but I’m not bitter, […]

Dodie - If I'm Being Honest Lyrics

Dodie – If I’m Being Honest Lyrics

If I’m Being Honest Lyrics by Dodie [Dodie] I was told this is where I would start loving myself Flirting’s delicious, proved to be beneficial for mental health All of […]

Dodie - She Lyrics

Dodie – She Lyrics

She Lyrics by Dodie [Dodie] Am I allowed To look at her like that? Could it be wrong When she’s just so nice to look at? [Dodie] And she smells […]