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Category: Domo Wilson

Domo Wilson – I Want You Lyrics

I Want You by Domo Wilson: I Want You Lyrics: Damn girl, let me talk to you real quick See you walking down the street looking fine though Tell me […]

Domo Wilson – IDGAF Lyrics

IDGAF by Domo Wilson: IDGAF Lyrics: I don’t really give a f--- about you b------, and Do not mention me and stay the f--- up out my business, yeah I’m […]

Domo Wilson – Damaged Lyrics

Damaged by Domo Wilson: Damaged Lyrics: I know I talk my s--- when I get mad And have you feeling hella bad, though I don’t want those problems ‘Cause I […]

Domo Wilson – You Lyrics

You by Domo Wilson: I don’t want to go right now I don’t want to go baby You are my home right now Don’t leave me alone baby Can you […]

Domo Wilson – To My Son Lyrics

To My Son by Domo Wilson You’re my dream come true You’re my whole life Life wouldn’t be the same I got you by my side I remember when I […]

Domo Wilson – Unbothered Lyrics

Unbothered Lyrics by Domo Wilson Domo Wilson Coming to you live Tell all them bad b------ around the world I don’t give a f--- what a b---- say B---- I’m […]