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Category: Dreamville

Dreamville – BUSSIT Lyrics

BUSSIT By Dreamville ft. Ari Lennox Said, “Have off my clothes when you arrive” You could seduce me with your eyes Don’t want the smoke, don’t waste my time I […]

Dreamville – Still Up Lyrics

Still Up By Dreamville Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, woo Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh Shoutout to Meez ’cause he noticed […]

Dreamville – Sacrifices Lyrics

Sacrifices Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. EARTHGANG, J. Cole, Smino & Saba) [Johnny Venus] Young n---- back from the dead I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know N---- almost […]

Dreamville – PTSD Lyrics

PTSD Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. Omen, Mereba, Deante’ Hitchcock & St. Beauty) [Mereba] Used to bend for me like the steel of a hatchback You was there for Q like […]

Dreamville – Sunset Lyrics

Sunset Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. J. Cole & Young Nudy) [J. Cole] Pyrex whipper N----- want smoke, mmh N----- want smoke, I want it too, mmh N----- want, mmh, n----- […]

Dreamville – 1993 Lyrics

1993 Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. Buddy, Smino, Cozz, EARTHGANG, JID & J. Cole) [Buddy] Ayy These m------------, man, yo (Elite, Elite, Elite) Check it Yo, check it out, ayy [Buddy] […]

Dreamville – Self Love Lyrics

Self Love Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. Ari Lennox, Bas & Baby Rose) [Ari Lennox] I said… Tired of being cordial Tired of being normal Tired of being forced in Tied […]

Dreamville – Sleep Deprived Lyrics

Sleep Deprived Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. Lute, Omen, Mez & DaVionne) Ayy Hey, hey, hey, hey Yeah Hey, hey Uh [Lute] I met this girl the other day that wanna […]

Dreamville – Wells Fargo Lyrics

Wells Fargo Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. Guapdad 4000, Buddy, EARTHGANG & JID) [Buddy & JID] Excuse me, sir (Yes) Your Grace Is that my flamethrower beside you? (Why it is) […]

Dreamville – Oh Wow…Swerve Lyrics

Oh Wow…Swerve Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. J. Cole, Zoink Gang, KEY! & Maxo Kream) [Part I: “Oh Wow”] [Zoink Gang] Oh wow You want the next part, kablaow Yeah, kablaow, […]

Dreamville – Swivel Lyrics

Swivel Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. EARTHGANG) [Doctur Dot] Head on a swivel Trouble lurkin’ ’round the corner Run up on you any minute, you’ll be gone Yeah [Doctur Dot] N----, […]

Dreamville – LamboTruck Lyrics

LamboTruck by Dreamville [Childish Major] Ayy, what’s those? You want these You gotta have fees plus more So much heat you can’t hold A lot of green, kind that can’t […]