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Category: Dreamville

Dreamville – PTSD Lyrics

PTSD Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. Omen, Mereba, Deante’ Hitchcock & St. Beauty) [Mereba] Used to bend for me like the steel of a hatchback You was there for Q like […]

Dreamville – Sunset Lyrics

Sunset Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. J. Cole & Young Nudy) [J. Cole] Pyrex whipper N----- want smoke, mmh N----- want smoke, I want it too, mmh N----- want, mmh, n----- […]

Dreamville – 1993 Lyrics

1993 Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. Buddy, Smino, Cozz, EARTHGANG, JID & J. Cole) [Buddy] Ayy These m------------, man, yo (Elite, Elite, Elite) Check it Yo, check it out, ayy [Buddy] […]

Dreamville – Self Love Lyrics

Self Love Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. Ari Lennox, Bas & Baby Rose) [Ari Lennox] I said… Tired of being cordial Tired of being normal Tired of being forced in Tied […]

Dreamville – Sleep Deprived Lyrics

Sleep Deprived Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. Lute, Omen, Mez & DaVionne) Ayy Hey, hey, hey, hey Yeah Hey, hey Uh [Lute] I met this girl the other day that wanna […]

Dreamville – Wells Fargo Lyrics

Wells Fargo Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. Guapdad 4000, Buddy, EARTHGANG & JID) [Buddy & JID] Excuse me, sir (Yes) Your Grace Is that my flamethrower beside you? (Why it is) […]

Dreamville – Oh Wow…Swerve Lyrics

Oh Wow…Swerve Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. J. Cole, Zoink Gang, KEY! & Maxo Kream) [Part I: “Oh Wow”] [Zoink Gang] Oh wow You want the next part, kablaow Yeah, kablaow, […]

Dreamville – Swivel Lyrics

Swivel Lyrics by Dreamville (Feat. EARTHGANG) [Doctur Dot] Head on a swivel Trouble lurkin’ ’round the corner Run up on you any minute, you’ll be gone Yeah [Doctur Dot] N----, […]

Dreamville – LamboTruck Lyrics

LamboTruck by Dreamville [Childish Major] Ayy, what’s those? You want these You gotta have fees plus more So much heat you can’t hold A lot of green, kind that can’t […]

Dreamville – Costa Rica Lyrics

Costa Rica by Dreamville Pyrex whipper Pyrex [Reese LAFLARE] I got big dreams so my watch got a big face Girls get messy like a motherfuckin’ mixtape Smellin’ like money […]

Dreamville – Got Me Lyrics

Got Me by Dreamville (ft. Ari Lennox, Omen, Ty Dolla $ign & Dreezy) (Ty Dolla $ign) Now do you wanna know what I’m thinking right now Swerving down Pico, girl […]

Dreamville – Down Bad Lyrics

Down Bad by Dreamville (ft. JID, Bas, J. Cole, EARTHGANG & Young Nudy) (Young Nudy) Tell Em Slime! Yeah, I am the kind of the E.A. Get this b---- screwed […]