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Category: EarthGang

EARTHGANG – LaLa Challenge Lyrics

LaLa Challenge by EARTHGANG Come on Sit down in here and get comfortable Place your head on the mat Place your feet to the sky What you think about that? […]

EARTHGANG – Top Down Lyrics

Top Down by EARTHGANG Doctor told me I should rest But I ain’t gon’ never ever quit I like girls with pretty feet, yeah And jeans that’ll never ever fit, yeah, yeah, yeah Top […]

EARTHGANG – Bank Lyrics

Bank by EARTHGANG Chamberlain, that’s a hundred points Ooh, ayy, ayy Bootcamp Productions Thought you knew better Ah-hah This chip on my shoulder, I got a vendetta (Okay) I tried to be cool […]

EARTHGANG – This Side Lyrics

This Side by EARTHGANG Doo-doo-doo-doo I pray for all my n-----, and niggettes And non-n-----, and non-niggettes Things change, people change Love grows, come and go Sometimes I get overwhelmed I’m in, in […]

EARTHGANG – Avenue Lyrics

Avenue by EARTHGANG You put lives on the line, shoestring ties on the line Woah I been cashin’ in, cuttin’ checks and cutting edge Cuttin’ lines in to my head, it’s OD God bless […]

EARTHGANG – Tequila Lyrics

Tequila by EARTHGANG Good God, so stressed Perfect day to drink tequila Guess I’ll see you when I see you Oh, nah I’ma make you a believer Oh, adios Good God, more stressed […]

EARTHGANG – Blue Moon Lyrics

Blue Moon by EARTHGANG The night is ours and the stars, they rise And the sun goes down on me and you Who holds the light? I been hustlin’, I […]

EARTHGANG - Trippin Lyric

EARTHGANG – Trippin Lyrics

Trippin by EARTHGANG I don’t need no part-time love Got no room for one-night stands You take it all too serious (So serious) You got a problem, don’t ya? You […]

EARTHGANG – Stuck Lyrics

Stuck by EARTHGANG I’m stuck to you I’m sorry I can’t get loose I’m stuck to you I apologize for all the times I blew I’m stuck to you I’m […]

EARTHGANG – Fields Lyrics

Fields by EARTHGANG Fresh off the plane, Konnichiwa Only in the present, I no longer believe in time I don’t see my family half as much as I see the sky Knew this s--- […]

EARTHGANG – Wings Lyrics

Wings by EARTHGANG Ayy, tell me you f--- with it Yeah Downtown Atlanta, downtown Atlanta Underground sound Ayy, baby, what’s happenin’? I might buy time, this s--- by hand Quick, […]

EARTHGANG – Ready To Die Lyrics

Ready To Die by EARTHGANG Yeah, I close my eyes, count to three, now I’m ready to die I ain’t scared of nobody, I know the devil’s a lie I […]

EARTHGANG – Proud Of U Lyrics

Proud Of U Lyrics by EARTHGANG (feat. Young Thug) [EARTHGANG: Johnny Venus] Yeah From the heart, from the heart this time, yeah All of these dreams that you done made […]

EarthGang – Up Lyrics

Up by EarthGang Album : Mirrorland Released : 2018 [Johnny Venus] Just another day in these filthy sweet Atlanta streets Back on a green bag hunt [Johnny Venus] One for […]