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Category: Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran - Sandman Lyrics

Ed Sheeran – Sandman Lyrics

Sandman Lyrics – Ed Sheeran You were loved before you had arrived And every day that love just multiplies Daddy made your bed and your lullaby And Mumma made the […]

Ed Sheeran - Be Right Now Lyrics

Ed Sheeran – Be Right Now Lyrics

Be Right Now Lyrics – Ed Sheeran A lifetime is starting to feel like It’s falling short of the mark But it’s all that we got Every teardrop, every wrong […]

Ed Sheeran - Shivers Lyrics

Ed Sheeran – Shivers Lyrics

Shivers Lyrics – Ed Sheeran I took an arrow to the heart I never kissed a mouth that taste like yours Strawberries and somethin’ more Ooh, yeah, I want it […]