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Category: Egzod

Egzod – Rise Up Lyrics

Rise Up by Egzod If we are one grain of sand in the middle of the ocean Can you try to understand how our touch can cause explosions? Rise up […]

EGZOD – Better With You Lyrics

Better With You Lyrics By EGZOD You swear we’ll back for one another You swear it’s all just under cover As i know it’s your eyes I need to apologize […]

Egzod – Departure Lyrics

Departure Lyrics Egzod (feat. evOke) When I let you go It just pulled you closer I can’t understand where it came from But you got it, my god it It […]

Egzod & Tanjent – Universe Lyrics

Universe Lyrics by Egzod & Tanjent There’s a Universe inside you So won’t you wake up now and see Don’t hide away the things your feeling Unlock your mind and […]

Egzod – Mirage Lyrics

Mirage by Egzod Feat. Leo The Kind Released: 2018 The closer you got to me The faster I try to leave Like a mirage The scars that you thought I […]