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ekali fairy tale lyrics

Ekali – Fairy Tale Lyrics

Fairy Tale By Ekali Life is a fairytale Life is a fairytale Till I’m praying for safety Screaming Life is ...

ekali runaway lyrics

Ekali – Runaway Lyrics

Runaway By Ekali [Reo Cragun:] Yeah, been doin’ this, ball and don’t quit Yeah, I’ve been savin’ these chips Look, ...

ekali drown lyrics

Ekali – Drown Lyrics

Drown By Ekali Gravity I can’t deny gravity ‘Cause I keep falling myself in me Energy I’m wasting my energy ...

ekali back to you lyrics

Ekali – Back To You Lyrics

Back To You By Ekali Lyrics Speak the truth When you do they don’t want you They don’t want a ...

ekali be fine lyrics

Ekali – Be Fine Lyrics

Be Fine by Ekali: Be Fine Lyrics: It’s the wrong conversation To have while we’re wasted It’s two in the ...

ekali leaving lyrics

Ekali – Leaving Lyrics

Leaving by Ekali Feat. Yuna Released : 2018 I don’t really wanna try and change your mind If you can’t ...