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Emily Kinney – Loser Lyrics

Loser by Elle King Released : 2018 How does it feel to be a loser How does it feel to be a hack A lovesick self-abuser But now I’ll never […]

Emily Kinney – Popsicles Lyrics

Popsicles by Elle King Released : 2018 Indian summer, how much more can I take? I’m begging for the heat to break My throat is parched, my skin is red […]

Emily Kinney – Jonathan Lyrics

Jonathan by Elle King Released : 2018 I am an artist he’s my muse I shape his face color his shoes if he’s a play I’ll be the stage my […]

Emily Kinney – Mortal Lyrics

Mortal by Elle King Released : 2018 Dust in my eyes, tears on my face Boy next to me says he’s been in the same place Mind just racing in […]

Emily Kinney – Drunk and Lost Lyrics

Drunk and Lost by Emily Kinney (from Oh Jonathan) Released : 2018 Could you drive, drive me home? It’s too late to be walking all alone.  And when you stop […]

Emily Kinney – Boy Band Hero Lyrics

Boy Band Hero by Emily Kinney Maybe it was all just a daydream Mirage of water in a dessert land. Starin’ out the window in the classroom. Imaginin’ us hand […]