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Category: Erra

Erra – Unify Lyrics

Unify by Erra Released : 2018 Aiming soft steps along each brick to give respect in the places unfit It’s not a waste to him, but all he knows; avoiding […]

Erra – Expiate Lyrics

Expiate by Erra Released : 2018 The miles I’ve traveled now seem like withered time; fixated on the rear view when I can’t see ahead For me to view a […]

Disarray Lyrics

Erra – Disarray Lyrics

Disarray by Erra Released : 2018 Give in to the pressure of the sound Of the voices saying step down Beast of glutton, the embodiment of greed Exploiting the weak […]

Erra – Ghost of Nothing Lyrics

Ghost of Nothing by Erra Released : 2018 Treading waters poisoned by timeless intoxicants, always knowing that a darkness will find us Scaling walls of imagined boundaries, we are the […]

Erra – Hyperreality Lyrics

Hyperreality by Erra Released : 2018 I disengaged and relinquished the rage Repressive memories combust into a sky of dust Oversee my thoughts, bending time like light through the mist […]

Erra – Valhalla Lyrics

Valhalla by Erra Released : 2018 Shed your skin, days on years, punished by pressured time When underneath, you’re balancing all this hate and selfless misconception What once was full […]

Erra – Signal Fire Lyrics

Signal Fire by Erra Released : 2018 Metamorphosis; what am I becoming Liable; or a victim of circumstance? Bending disorder to appease my own defense This bond could not be […]

Erra – Monolith Lyrics

Monolith by Erra Released : 2018 Faith we abate, a perfect design of which we deprecate We can’t decipher this suppressive surge of desire As I watch the hands of […]

Erra – Breach Lyrics

Breach by Erra Released : 2018 It comes to fracture vested trust A love to shatter and turn to rust I drag my name through waves to wade black water […]

Neon Album

Erra – Neon (Album Lyrics)

Album : Neon Release Date: August 10, 2018 Genre : Metal Tracklist: 01. Breach 02. Monolith 03. Signal Fire 04. Valhalla 05. Hyperreality 06. Ghost of Nothing 07. Disarray 08. […]