EST Gee – Turn The Streets Up Lyrics

Turn The Streets Up Lyrics – EST Gee Ayy, turn the streets up (FOREVERROLLING) Turn the streets up, Gee, turn the streets up Yeah, yeah, yeah, and I believed in


Lyrics to BALL LIKE ME TOO by EST Gee Diamonds are forever They are all I need to please me They can Quarter tick, half a tick, whole tick, and

EST Gee – THE ONE & ONLY Lyrics

Lyrics to THE ONE & ONLY by EST Gee Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Somebody like me hitting yo’ bitch, you shouldn’t be tripping Shit, I’m supporting the household, me and

EST Gee – BLOW UP Lyrics

Lyrics to BLOW UP by EST Gee (FOREVEROLLING) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I still got it, nigga, action or exotic Ain’t no label get me poppin’, soon as

EST Gee – SLAM DUNK Lyrics

Lyrics to SLAM DUNK by EST Gee (feat. Young Scooter) Yeah My G6 just kicked in This Perc 10 just kicked in I don’t come up I go down again


Lyrics to STAY FOCUSED by EST Gee Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah I should have sold the other one But it’s right back for another one Quarter on the quarter

EST Gee – DROP TOP Lyrics

Lyrics to DROP TOP by EST Gee I’m pretty sure if you could you would But you can’t so you ain’t Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Drop top on

EST Gee – HOTBOYS Lyrics

Lyrics to HOTBOYS by EST Gee (feat. Boosie Badazz) Yeah, I seen niggas cry when someone died they never met And I left the streets without no debt Gave my

EST Gee – US Lyrics

Lyrics to US by EST Gee Yeah yeah yeah It was supposed to be us verse whoever We can get whatever we stick together You the first to ever say


Lyrics to LIE TO ME SOME by EST Gee You know I been used to having foe’s I been the joke since middle school I wore my daddy clothes I


Lyrics to KADAS SONG by EST Gee (feat. Kada) It’s crazy ’cause you know I don’t feel nothing That’s perfect right there, that’s how you do it I’m mad, I’m


Lyrics to 25MIN FREESTYLE by EST Gee Yeah Drug life, ex, molly, oxy cotton 50 and O Before the show I ain’t buying Don’t even matter Word as bond I

EST Gee – Undefeated Lyrics

Undefeated Lyrics – EST Gee Nigga, I’m undefeated, streets ain’t beat me, the police neither I ain’t got no sympathy for nobody ignorin’ what I’m teachin’ I ain’t no motherfuckin’

EST Gee – IF I STOP NOW Lyrics

IF I STOP NOW Lyrics – EST Gee (I don’t feel these niggas, like—) (All these niggas not worthy) Ayy, ayy, yeah (FOREVEROLLING) I hold my gun more than I

EST Gee – Have Mercy Lyrics

Have Mercy Lyrics – EST Gee EST Gee I had to tell her watch her mouth, she say it’s demons on me Nah that’s my people who died before me

EST Gee – Come Home Lyrics

Come Home Lyrics – EST Gee I feel like the streets needed me Needed a nigga like me Needed a bad guy, needed a nigga to point the finger at

EST Gee – Both Arms Lyrics

Both Arms Lyrics – EST Gee Send ’em, send ’em, I need all threats (Yeah, yeah) You can’t get ’em gone in the same day, don’t call my phone back

EST Gee – Bow And Say Grace Lyrics

Bow And Say Grace Lyrics – EST Gee Let’s raise the stakes he with me I make sure I made his plate Fortune times I seen niggas get spanked they