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Category: Evie Irie

Evie Irie – Sink Swim Lyrics

Sink Swim by Evie Irie Did a stupid dance on my princess bed Champagne thoughts running through my head 16, what a dream I’m living in Then I nearly crashed […]

Evie Irie – Vulnerable Lyrics

Vulnerable by Evie Irie I’ve never been one to get so excited Usually wouldn’t say that, but I cannot help it Never expected you to be different Heard so many […]

Evie Irie – The Optimist Lyrics

Stupid Things by Evie Irie Lately, it’s been a little bit wild I wake up wearing this disgusting smile It’s like I hear a parade outside my window Every day […]

Evie Irie - Stupid Things Lyrics

Evie Irie – Stupid Things Lyrics

Stupid Things by Evie Irie My lips, oh, they have never touched a cigarette And my tongue has never felt the burn of whiskey yet Oh, and I don’t have […]

Evie Irie – Bitter Lyrics

Bitter by Evie Irie Once somebody said to me Mother Mary let it be And it helps to deal with my anxiety See, I build a wall, it didn’t hold […]