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Category: Famous Dex

Famous Dex – What I Like Lyrics

What I Like By Famous Dex Ha, woah, yeah Ha, what? Yeah Ha Woah Seth in the Kitchen Yeah Oh, man, goddamn! Louis got a lot of fucking bands in […]

Famous Dex - Proofread Lyrics

Famous Dex – Proofread Lyrics

Proofread By Famous Dex Lyrics Check the record, misread Naw for real, Dexter, woah Check the record, don’t misread Just see, I got the key to succeed And I’m just […]

Famous Dex – Dead Jugg Lyrics

Dead Jugg by Famous Dex Yuh, Slump God, yuh, Yachty Woke up on a cloud of sauce Dexter Shoutout my mucus! I got some money, no Illuminati (I got some […]

Famous Dex – Leak Lyrics

Leak by Famous Dex Ha, you know what I’m sayin’? (ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney, ooh) ChaseTheMoney (ChaseTheMoney, ChaseTheMoney) Wassup, Critch? (Weird vs Crazy, yuh, ha, what, yah, hah) How we doin’? (This […]

Famous Dex – Whole Lotta Lyrics

Whole Lotta by Famous Dex So I got a rich new member in here with me He go by the name of Warhol Wait (Uh, uh) It’s the gang homie (Yeah) DJ Shine, […]

Famous Dex – Who Him Lyrics

Famous Dex – Who? Him? Lyrics

Who? Him? by Famous Dex You know I  ain’t gotta flex too much man, you know what I’m sayin’? So  lets try this like this I’m with the motherfuckin’ [?], […]