FIDLAR – On Drugs Lyrics

Lyrics to On Drugs by FIDLAR I’m not on drugs But I have drugs on me I swear to god They’re for my BPD I’m not on drugs No, that’s

FIDLAR – Sand On The Beach Lyrics

Lyrics to Sand On The Beach by FIDLAR I’m a good friend, I’m a bad friend I will do anything to make you laugh You’re still sleeping with your ex-boyfriend

FIDLAR – Taste the Money Lyrics

Lyrics to Taste the Money by FIDLAR I can taste the money running through my head And you can take it from me just like a friend And I’m so

FIDLAR – That’s Life Lyrics

Lyrics to That’s Life by FIDLAR Feelings, fuck your feelings What, you don’t think that I know that I’m out of control? Ah, ceiling, I’m at the ceiling I’m climbing

FIDLAR – Centipede Lyrics

Centipede Lyrics – FIDLAR My girlfriend says I lack empathy Thinks I’m a narcissist and I need gnarly therapy I’m sober; not even amphetamines This self reflection makes my skin


FSU Lyrics – FIDLAR I’ve been waking up Getting so fucked up yea I’m all fucked up Trynna fuck shit up ahhh I’ve been waking up Wanna fuck you up

FIDLAR – Good Times Are Over Lyrics

Good Times Are Over Lyrics by FIDLAR [FIDLAR] Talk to me, I don’t wanna be your enemy Whatever happen to communication, conversation Talk to me, I miss the way that

FIDLAR – Thought Mouth Lyrics

Thought Mouth Lyrics by FIDLAR [FIDLAR] I’m gonna move to Canada Cause fuck America And California’s a bunch of trustees Living on the beach I’m gonna just call her up

FIDLAR – Too Real Lyrics

Too Real Lyrics by FIDLAR [FIDLAR] Well I been thinking about things I can’t say Cause everybody freaks out every single day And if they weren’t so stupid they’d open

FIDLAR – Nuke Lyrics

Nuke Lyrics by FIDLAR [FIDLAR] Here comes a NUUUUUUKE NUUUUUUKE A full cooked KOOOOOK A cooked out NUUUUKE Here comes a NUUUUUUKE A cooked out KOOOOK A full blown KOOOOOK

FIDLAR – Called You Twice Lyrics

Called You Twice Lyrics by FIDLAR [feat. K.Flay] [FIDLAR] We fought at a rock show I walked out you didn’t follow Then I knew we were through If I’m being

FIDLAR – Scam Likely Lyrics

Scam Likely Lyrics by FIDLAR [FIDLAR] See the man with the gun in his hand Livin’ in his own wasteland He don’t care ’bout the government Unless it helps him

FIDLAR – Flake Lyrics

Flake Lyrics by FIDLAR [FIDLAR] Hey man what are you doin tonight? How ’bout me and you go for a ride? [FIDLAR] (Ahhhhhhh) Said you’d be late (Ahhhhhhh) You’re barely

FIDLAR – Can’t You See Lyrics

Can’t You See Lyrics by FIDLAR [FIDLAR] Diamond rings help me sing Jesus Christ makes me nice Baby, can’t you see? This is good for me And baby, can’t you

FIDLAR – Get Off My Block Lyrics

Get Off My Block Lyrics by FIDLAR [FIDLAR] Well excuse me motherfucker you are on my block Pack urn up and ship urn off the rock You can park your

FIDLAR – By Myself Lyrics

By Myself Lyrics [FIDLAR] Well, I’m cracking one open with the boys by myself And everybody thinks that I need professional help But I don’t wanna think about that anymore

FIDLAR – Are You High? Lyrics

Are You High? by FIDLAR Feat. The 90s Released : 2018 Hello Goodbye Are you high? Hello Goodbye Are you high? Well I should open up but I don’t really

FIDLAR – Alcohol Lyrics

Alcohol by FIDLAR Released : 2018 I walk around with a screwdriver A pack of smokes and a Bic lighter I stay out of your way if you stay out