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Category: FINNEAS

FINNEAS – Partners in Crime Lyrics

Partners in Crime by FINNEAS Lyrics I said you look pretty All strung out on coke You said it’s not funny But it wasn’t a joke And you won’t remember […]

FINNEAS – Lost My Mind Lyrics

Lost My Mind by FINNEAS You’re the sound of a song and I can’t get you out of my head You’re the calm in the storm, you’re the voice sayin’, […]

FINNEAS – Shelter Lyrics

Shelter by FINNEAS There’s no one else, could ever hold me, like you do There’s nowhere else, that I’d rather be than with you They call us lucky, but I think we might be […]

FINNEAS - Angel Lyrics

FINNEAS – Angel Lyrics

Angel Lyrics by FINNEAS Congratulations you’ve been Pretending to be human so well Might even fool the neighbors Reading your Sunday paper I won’t tell But I know better than […]