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Category: Fivio Foreign

Fivio Foreign – Drive By Lyrics

Drive By By Fivio Foreign Uh, up and hop out the car Bow, I pull up and hop out the— ayy, ayy, ayy (Lil’ bitch, let’s do it) Fivi (Ayy, […]

Fivio Foreign – Big Drip Lyrics

Big Drip By Fivio Foreign AXL Yeah I’ma give it to ’em like that It’s Fivie You know the vibes Fuck niggas, grr Free Sosa, woah Ayy, yo, Guapo In […]

Fivio Foreign – Awesome Lyrics

Awesome By Fivio Foreign You know the vibes (Baow) Yeah, that’s all Ayy, this shit legendary (Fivio Foreign), baow Worldwide (Flag still tied around the leg) Baow (Baow), ayy (Ayy) […]

Fivio Foreign – Ambition Lyrics

Ambition By Fivio Foreign Ambition (Ayy) They gon’ love me for my ambition (Lil’ bitch, ayy), oh (Bow) For that ambition (You know the vibes) They owe somethin’, this is […]

Fivio Foreign – Issa Vibe Lyrics

Issa Vibe By Fivio Foreign Beat by Yamaica Productions, baby Uh Uh, ayy, pow Uh, baby, come and catch a vibe with me, ayy Baby, come and catch a vibe […]