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Category: FKJ

FKJ – Brother Lyrics

Brother Ago By FKJ Brother brother we don’t speak much Brother brother We’ve been thru a lot Inside of us we know, we know It’s been a while ago a […]

FKJ – 100 Roses Lyrics

100 Roses Ago By FKJ One hundred roses around our bed Waiting for ya One hundred roses around our bed For u Ayla Petals are flying, the wind is blowing […]

FKJ – 10 Years Ago Lyrics

10 Years Ago By FKJ 10 YEARS AGO ” Fifteen in my room Im a loner playing loud Imma stay here so long I can’t feel time This room is […]

FKJ & Bas – Risk Lyrics

Risk By FKJ & Bas Risk I never thought it’d be this I’m jumpin out of ur arms I land and fall in a pit Is this what they call […]