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Category: FLETCHER

FLETCHER - Silence Lyrics

FLETCHER – Silence Lyrics

Silence By FLETCHER It’s like a crutch, see if you’re up 4 A.M., but I like a rush, so I’ll go Into your bed, my safety net Cheaper than a […]

FLETCHER - Sex (With My Ex) Lyrics

FLETCHER – Sex (With My Ex) Lyrics

Sex (With My Ex) By FLETCHER I know it’s been a couple months, yeah, we should meet up I’ll meet you downstairs at the Subway station (Ooh-ooh) We don’t gotta […]

FLETCHER - The One Lyrics

FLETCHER – The One Lyrics

The One By FLETCHER Last night I had a dirty dream about you, baby I’m just thinking maybe we should make it real Turn off, sip on some kinda cheap […]

FLETCHER - Feel Lyrics

FLETCHER – Feel Lyrics

Feel By FLETCHER I remember that time when you took my hand Looked in my eye and said, “I got you, darling” Shivers up my spine and down my back […]