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Category: FLETCHER

FLETCHER – Strangers Lyrics

Strangers by FLETCHER No time’s the right time to reach out but here I go Always scared to love, wouldn’t be enough, never be enough, we were way too young […]

FLETCHER – All Love Lyrics

All Love by FLETCHER We started out as friends in the Lower East Did a couple drugs at the house parties Late nights in taxi cabs Wish I could have […]

FLETCHER – About You Lyrics

About You by FLETCHER Drinking my coffee just ruined my day Picturing us at that corner cafe Ya, ya, ya ya, ya, ya Grabbing my keys, they feel heavy to […]

Fletcher – Undrunk Lyrics

Undrunk Lyrics by FLETCHER [FLETCHER] I know this, your perfect Goal of my dreams i know this Is the first time then with someone like me (drink me, drink me) […]

FLETCHER – I Believe You Lyrics

I Believe You by FLETCHER Released : 2018 It’s the sick to your stomach feeling with a smile on your face It’s the memory you ignore but you can’t erase […]