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Category: flora cash

​flora cash - Soul Mate Lyrics

​flora cash – Soul Mate Lyrics

Soul Mate Lyrics – ​flora cash Feels like we’ve lived a hundred lives before Together and then decided on one more Here on Earth where everything is cruel ‘Cause no […]

Flora Cash - Feeling So Down Lyrics

Flora Cash – Feeling So Down Lyrics

Feeling So Down Lyrics – Flora Cash I’ve been feeling so down this time Wear your hoodie to bed at night Wish your body was holding mine Miss you telling […]

flora cash – Electricity Lyrics

Electricity By flora cash From the bottom of my heart Coming out of left field Was a young heart love and I really didn’t see it I will survive, I […]

flora cash – I Wasted You Lyrics

I Wasted You By flora cash I see what you’re doing here… You’re looking to disappear Again and I’m done Giving you some You belong to someone Lips tell it […]