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Category: Flume

Flume – Rushing Back Lyrics

Rushing Back by Flume: Rushing Back Lyrics: I always let the days slip away, I should have been making up my mind I never opened up, took it all in […]

Flume – Levitate Lyrics

Levitate by Flume (Feat. Reo Cragun) I’m blowin’ kisses couple states away She  blow me back and then I elevate We  go a hunnit like a speed race You know […]

Flume – Quits Lyrics

Quits by Flume Whole damn time we was loving undercover yeah Don’t you know that kills me inside She always gets the best of me I lose my mind I […]

Flume – Let You Know Lyrics

Let You Know by Flume (feat. London Grammar) You wanna let me know now that you’ve let me go Life is better still and I guess somehow You’ll just keep […]

Flume – Friends Lyrics

Friends Lyrics by Flume Pressure on me Put that on me, you did Build up slowly Explode on ya, I did (I did) Fed me lies, you’re a snake Yes, […]